We design and build environmentally friendly cleaning systems for a variety of industries. We have specific product lines for the pipe and tube industry, metal industry, and plastic and extrusion industries. We can also custom design a wash and drying system for specialty applications.

We utilize coating application equipment such as spray coating, vacuum coating, roll coating, and inkjet. Depending on the customers’ requirements, we use the best coating application method to meet or exceed the specifications.

Sometimes these pieces of equipment are put into a system such as vacuum coating and then inkjetting.

We specialize in curing equipment utilizing UV light, and thermal using infrared, convection, and induction.

In some cases, we combine UV equipment with a thermal solution to achieve a dual cure. This dual cure is often used to cure areas not in line of sight of the UV light.

We build systems to sanitize products or product containers with UV light at certain wavelengths that kill harmful bacteria very effectively. These systems can be designed to kill upwards of 99% of bacteria.

Any combination of the above equipment can be integrated together into a single turnkey system with a master control panel and the desired amount of automation. Often we build systems that do not require operator attention past initial setup and maintenance.

We create custom programming and controls for each system so we can integrate a wide range of automation equipment into our systems. Our operator interface touchscreens are designed to be very operator friendly.